Pauly The Computer Repairman


Gregory Peck (right) playing Charles Keith in the 1969 movie “Marooned” which centers around rescuing a stranded space capsule and beating impossible odds.

People sometimes think I’m like Mr. Scott in Star Trek, always reading technical things, understanding what most ignore.

I always say no. I like to think of myself as Charles Keith from Marooned, played brilliantly by Gregory Peck. First I think the odds are overwhelming. Then I ask questions, then finely tune the questions to get a clear, specific answer. Do I have 16 minutes to launch a rocket in the eye of the hurricane? No? Do I have 14?

Remember that computer that broke down back in April that I thought was not repairable on my own? I thought it had stopped working because once the boot screen went away, nothing happened. I was reading something Tuesday night, and one thing lead to another, leading me to get the old computer out of the closet and start tinkering with it. A nothing lose but everything to gain kind of situation.

After some trial and error, it turned out something in the Windows system was not kicking in to get the machine started, so creating a Windows install disk and telling the computer to go to that first would do the trick. Last night, I took the newer documents and material off of the newer computer and put it back on the old to get it up to speed.

I sit here pretty darn happy with myself. I knew it was probably something minor, but I didn’t know what, so I worked the problem and didn’t give up. Probably saved myself a $100-$200 repair bill doing that.

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