The Contrarian View Of Getting Unwanted Calls

Whenever I get a phone call from a source I don’t recognize, I answer it. A lot of people on the Internet say you shouldn’t, which is exactly why I do it.

I get some weird calls.

There’s this air conditioning company in Tampa that calls us yearly, try to get me to switch over to them. It hasn’t dawned on them that if I wasn’t interested the year before, nor the year before that and so on, why would I be interested now?

They will ask for me by my last name, and when they do, I stay silent. I make them earn the information they attain. When they ask questions, I only answer with either yes or no.

Googling phone numbers helps to weed out the scammers, although it’s tricky to do WHEN you’re on the phone with one of them.

Take these people who claim to be from Microsoft (not my first rodeo with these scammers), calling you from phone lines that sounds like they’re from India or the Philippines. That’s because they ARE from those two countries. I laugh at them, because they don’t realize they are dealing with someone in myself who knows his way around the computer.

I ask one of them: “If you’re from Windows, what operating system do I have?” (Currently, I have an 8.1, but let’s not tell them that, okay?)

They demanded that I listen to them, doing so without answering my question. I hung up. I don’t threaten them, I just give these kind of people EVERY time they call the message that if you call, I will make it unworthy of your while.

Another group of people say (and I used to think this way as well) you should never hit the number to be taken off of the “phone list” of these unwanted calls. Again, I hold a contrarian view on that. I always hit “3” or “9” or whatever that number is on the voice mail. It doesn’t make sense to me to do otherwise. Why get rid of one type of call when you can get rid of all of them relatively quickly? More pain, but more gain.

There is the herd mentality, then there is the intelligent mentality. I usually strive for the latter of the two.


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