Even More Contrarian Telephone Tactics

Today, I’m getting calls out of the woodwork. Scams that I thought I have long since dispersed with are now back in full force.

Like the “Card Services” people. Just got a call from Anderson, South Carolina. The problem is that these “card services” people who keep telling you that they are giving you a final notice (and then keep calling after that, so it’s not final at all) can’t seem to tell you whose card is the one they are doing the services for.

I press “1” to talk to someone live, and they ask if I am indeed inquiring about the offer. The voice mail at the start of the call doesn’t offer an opt-out option, keep in mind.

“Nope, I’m just calling to waste your time. DO keep calling, though.” That seems to freeze people on the opposite end of the phone.

I also got a local call from one of the energy line people who I’ve repeatedly told that the matter is irrelevant, because my landlord contractually handles those matters. Do they listen? Of course not. They waste our time because they can. My idea is to throw that weapon back at them. When they figure out a tactic, I change tactics, like a poker player changes strategies in the middle of a tournament.

As you may have noticed, I have a last name in Blom that a lot of people think is B-l-o-o-m, or so they mispronounce repeatedly. I often use this to my advantage. When they ask for Mr. Bloom, I tell them that they have the wrong number. Hey, it’s not my problem they can’t get my name right, and it’s not going to be made my problem.

About a year ago, somebody caught on to what I was doing.

“We KNOW who you are, Mr. Bloom,” the caller told me.

“And you have NO idea how wrong you are,” I shot back.

If I am paying karma for blogging about these hockers invading my phone lines, bring it on. I don’t fear these people. I used to be one of them, and I might just be one of them again, you never know.


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