By The Authority Of Major League Baseball

Another story from the follow-up file today.

About a month ago, I had mentioned Bobby Crosby and his Dodgerfilms YouTube site that had been gaining a lot of attention. A couple of weeks back, Crosby was told not to film any more from Dodger Stadium. While his films had game footage, the main part of the story was he and his buddies shagging fly balls in left field during batting practice.

It’s a shame the Dodgers took that angle, though I understand the complications legally. However, Bobby always put the games and the Dodgers in a positive light, and they let him slide doing this for several years. It would have made a lot more sense to enforce their legalese on him earlier instead of letting it slide until now.

If you have a rule, and you need to enforce it, why wait forever to do it? It makes no sense.


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