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Donald Trump: our next President?

Donald Trump: our next President?

I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, let me say that right off the top. I always thought he destroyed the United States Football League back in the 1980’s by wanting to switch the league from a spring to summer season to a fall and winter season.

Nor was I big fan of his recreation of an old wrestling angle by saying John McCain isn’t a war hero simply because he got caught. This was one of the first wrestling angles I ever saw back in 1976, with Bob Roop playing the Trump role, saying disparaging things about Steve Keirn’s father, who was a real-life POW. All I remember was Keirn LEAPING over Gordon Solie’s podium to attack Roop one Saturday night to get at him! That got the politicians talking about him, but more importantly, it got all of US talking about him.

Yesterday, he gives out Lindsey Graham’s old cell phone number, which may or may not be in use today. Graham couldn’t hide his rage, calling Trump a jackass on TV late last night. But again: look what happened. The politicians started talking about him, and so did we. I heard Art Bell going on about him last night in the first half-hour of his show, saying he’s a forced to be reckoned with, because most of America is fed up with the way things are.

Donald Trump knows what he’s doing, and he’s not afraid to talk about what the other politicians don’t. The media hates him, and wants to keep him out of debates. So what? If they do that, they feed in to exactly what he’s trying to accomplish. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the ballot in November of 2016 as the Republican nominee. If not, I could see him running as an Independent, which could really buck the system even if he wins a state or two and keeps someone from winning the Electoral College.


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