I Got Those Windows 10 Blues Again, Mama

The magical date of July 29th has arrived, so I hit a few buttons and upgraded to Windows 10 on my “workhorse” computer. I started upgrading a little past midnight, with the new operating system ready to go as I woke up around 6am, realizing I had left my computer on which I don’t ordinarily do at night when the day is over.

I already had Windows 10 (or a build of it, anyway) on the “backup” computer I had use between April to June when I had thought the workhorse had crashed. It would take hours for the computer to upgrade between builds, so I was pleasantly surprised to see everything ready so quick. Also, I think you’ll find that “10” isn’t the drain on memory capacity that 8.1 was. I run a program called SmartRAM as part of Advanced System care, and I can see that I’ve gain about half a gig of active memory with the upgrade.

One word of warning: some of the buttons on the new operating system won’t be ready right out of the box. It must “communicate” with Windows servers somewhere, so in the first few minutes hitting the Start button or asking for Cortana confuses it a bit. It will be clunky at first, so go run an errand or two before you sit down and belly up for some computer.

If this is supposed to be progress, Microsoft is doing good work. I just wonder what happens to our society if something happens like an EMP attack and we wind up having to use our brains a bit harder to do things again.


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