Me Vs. Harry Vs. A Lizard

Harry a few years back when I was playing with him one day...

Harry a few years back when I was playing with him one day…

Thursday afternoon, I heard a noise from Harry I had never heard from him before in the five years I’ve been taking care of him and the six months I’ve owned him.

He could be on the verge of sleeping, but if a lizard comes his way, he comes to life. The noise was him chasing this lizard around the house, actually holding it in his mouth and biting off the lower portion of his (or her) tail.

I lost my pet dog Ginger back in 1984, and my parents deduced that it was because she ate a few lizards in the backyard too many. Needless to say, I had to get Harry and the lizard in neutral corners. I pick up Harry, wrestling him away from the lizard, and give him a timeout in the back section of the house. I then find the lizard and pick him (or her) up, He (or she) bites my finger, which doesn’t hurt all that much.

Opening up the garage door, I remove the lizard from the premises, but the bastard (or…bastardette?) won’t let go of my right index finger! I’m shaking him (or her) off and he’s swinging around the index finger. Finally, he (or she) releases his grip, going flying into some bushes.

The things I do to keep peace amongst animal species!


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