Another Round With Windows Scammers


You would think the first time I caught on the scam, they’d stop calling. Or the second, or the third. But I still get calls from the people claiming to be from Windows wanting to fix up the computer so they can take my identity.

The scam doesn’t change, but the numbers do.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think it does any good to avoid taking these calls (as they were calling me every hour, almost). You have to hit them dead on and tell them up front that these shenanigans won’t be tolerated. Once I looked up the number on Google by typing it into the search bar, I was ready.

“I’m going to be here one more time than you’re willing to call, so please keep calling,” I said, throwing in a little reverse psychology in the mix.

Be aware, friends. If Windows really wanted to reach you, they wouldn’t call you on the phone.


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