The Pipes Are Calling


The WWE gathered to pay tribute to yet another fallen star last night. Sadly, they’ve had a lot of practice doing this sort of thing.

You know when there have been too many professional wrestlers dying when one of the more outspoken men about the number of pro wrestlers dying dies himself.

When I heard the news late Friday afternoon, I wasn’t crushed. Sadly, I had come to expect it.

Roddy Piper was one of the first wrestlers to make the transition from the squared circle (Hulk Hogan beating him to it by about half a decade when he appeared in Rocky III) to the silver screen when he “retired” in 1987 to be a lead character in the cult classic They Live. He bounced back and forth between movies, TV, and wrestling the rest of his career, doing in podcast in what turned out to be the final months of his life.

Why are they all dying? Is it the steroids? The pain-killing drugs? The pressures to perform, financially or otherwise? I have no clue. It is happening it other sports mediums too, football for one, baseball on occasion. But it’s happening to a point that it’s making me numb to it all, and I don’t like the feeling.

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