Rainy Days And A Monday

In some parts of the Bay Area, Monday was an absolute washout, as a historic amount of rainfall cannonaded the area over the past several days leading up to that day.

Here in Pinellas Park, we didn’t get the rain that badly. My biggest problem was a backed up sewer line Monday night that made flushing a slight bit more of a challenge, but that went away once the rain ended.

The rain hit hardest in the spots it usually does: parts of Tampa around USF and along Dale Mabry between Kennedy and Gandy get flooded quickly and this recent set of storms was no exception. Pasco County mainly along US 19 also got hit hard.

The unusual spot was northern Pinellas County from Palm Harbor to Tarpon Springs. That area got 6-9 inches of rain in 12 hours, enough to flood roads and to send normally parked cars floating around.

Was it the worst flooding I’ve ever seen? No. When I was a senior at Largo High School, we had four days of rain in September of 1988 that really messed things up. At the end of the fourth day, a Thursday, I headed home for school along West Bay Drive, a road that connects the more urban east side of Largo to the aristocratic west side of town and a smaller city, Bellair Bluffs.

Right around Largo Medical Center, one of the two hospitals in the city, the road was several inches underwater. Cars were parked at West Bay and 20th Avenue at a traffic light there, except these cars were stalled out. I was (lucky for me) in a school bus that day, and the driver had no trouble negotiating the road with a taller vehicle. Others had to push their cars to higher ground.

Just remember, if you can’t see the road, turn around, don’t drown.


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