Gadgetry Addict

Welcome to Pauly's. May I take your order?

Welcome to Pauly’s. May I take your order?

Whenever I get a few bucks, I usually invest it in gadgets for the computer.

This spring, I purchased the Dragon software that takes what you say and dictates it. There was a problem with all this when I realized that the microphone and headset that came with the Dragon software really didn’t work all that well. So recently, I purchased a USB headset for it. Now, I can dictate what I say with much greater confidence, which will save time when I do these blogs.

Another problem I have recently solved is the purchase of a 64 GB USB flash drive that I found on Amazon for $15. Granted, the flash drive resembles the Iron Man character based on the movie, but I didn’t care. If it works, I don’t care what it looks like. I only care that it gets the job done. That will get here tomorrow.

You might say that I am an Amazon addict to some extent. But what they do they do well, and until somebody else comes along who can do it better, I’m sticking with them. Some people might hate them, some people might think their monopolistic, but I have never had a problem with Amazon.


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