The Sinking Ship

Roger Goodell, NFL commish.

Roger Goodell, NFL commish.

I made the comment on Facebook yesterday that the National Football League seems to be coming apart at the seams.

This new extra point rule: I don’t get it. It takes a lot of the element of surprise out of extra points. Say you have a team that wants to go for two points on a fake extra point. Now, they have to find a good fake extra point play that will gain 15 yards for the score as opposed to a play that could just gain a couple of yards. Yes, you’ll see a few more missed extra points as the season progresses, especially when they play in colder weather. However, I just think it’s one of the ways that Roger Goodell is ruining the National Football League.

And don’t get me started on Deflategate, and the sham that has become.

There was also the strange saga of Geno Smith. The New York Jets quarterback got punched in the jaw by one of his own players in training camp yesterday, breaking it. The offending player was quickly released from the squad, but the damage was done. Smith will now this somewhere between 6 to 10 weeks by damage inflicted by one of his own players!

Could you see this happening in any other era but the present? Whatever happened to being part of a team?

For me, it was just another sign that the National Football League is spiraling out of control with Roger Goodell as Commissioner. The game has become somewhat dysfunctional, and while Goodell did not throw that punch at Geno Smith yesterday, it’s just a sign that this season is going to be one of the craziest seasons we have ever seen in the NFL.

Perhaps that’s just the way the league wants it, no?


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