Elena, Erika…Erika, Elena


It’s that time of year again. In late August of 2015, we have a system in the Atlantic called Erika.

Thirty years ago, it was a storm named Elena that sat in the Gulf, churning away in nearly neutral for some 36 hours that weekend, keeping the whole Gulf Coast wondering where would she eventually go before deciding on an area east of New Orleans right around Biloxi.


Elena’s track, 1985. The numbers represent where the center of the storm was each day. The higher numbers were August of 1985, the lower numbers represent September.

Two “E” storms, almost 30 years apart.

It’s too early to say what’s going to happen with Erika, which may fall apart like Danny did the past few days. Though as I usually do when the Tampa Bay area is in the cone of uncertainty (or on the verge of same), I read the Dr. Jeff Masters blog over at Weather Underground religiously, and keep track of Denis Phillips over on the local ABC station, who famously got as through the threat of Hurricane Charley with his sage counsel back in 2004.

Watching these hurricanes over the years, nothing has made more sense to me than his “Rule 7“: don’t freak out until the weather experts say so.

Today’s my shopping day in Walmart. Think I’ll be getting a little extra just in case we finally hit the hurricane lottery, a lottery I don’t want to win.


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