MSNBC On 9/11

Well, that day is sneaking up on us again, with this year marking the 14th anniversary of the dastardly attacks on America by terrorists that killed some 3,000 people.

I have mentioned in previous years that I found out about the attacks watching MSNBC. Back then, I was an MSNBC junkie, long before the network became the disaster I believe it is now. A lot of the talent they had wound up on Fox News Channel, of course.

During the course of the past year, I found the MSNBC footage on YouTube, which had been up since 2013. Hadn’t seen it for years, of course.

If memory serves, they were one of the last news outlets to break in and coverage what looked like at the time to have been an ordinary plane crash of a plane into one of the World Trade Center buildings, if such a crash can be considered ordinary. About ten minutes later, with the world watching, we would (of course) come to the realization that the crash was not an accident when a second plane hit the opposite WTC tower.

If you watch the clip at 13:10 (which was 9:05 EDT), you can hear someone on mic (sounding a lot like Lester Holt) saying, “That was an attack.”

God bless all those concerned, and I hope we keep these people in our prayers always.


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