Things I’ve Learned Recently

Just me...right before I typed this blog entry up on September 18, 2015

Just me…right before I typed this blog entry up on September 18, 2015.

It’s been a rather eye opening week for me.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my mother, getting that rain-checked dinner from Zom Hee last Saturday and a rare trip to Outback Steakhouse in St. Pete on Monday. Believe it or not, the last time I had been to Outback the year I went began with a “1” in it. It’s a shame, because their food is pretty good, just wish their service was better, as I recently wrote on a Yelp review I did.

As I’ve noted previously on the blog a while back, I’ve noticed that if you go to a restaurant these days and place an order, you’re liable to run into wait staff who want to change your order, or make you defend what your ordering when they attempt to correct it. This also took place at Zom Hee’s last week when we went there, and it’s getting super annoying. I might have to straighten somebody out the next time it happens…it’d make good blog material, no?

Driving and pedestrian literacy and smarts also seem to be on the wane.

Turning left onto 9th Avenue from US 19 in St. Pete, I got stuck in the left-turn lane for an extra light cycle because as we (in the north-south portion of the intersection) had the green, some guy in a bike can’t decide whether or not he was going to cross 19 on his bike or walking his bike when it WASN’T HIS TURN! Thanks, pal. You’re lucky there weren’t cars speeding through the intersection that would have put you into orbit without a spacesuit.

Then coming home on Gandy, we run into Confused Trucker Guy, who wouldn’t make a right turn onto Grand Avenue when the road was clear for him to do so. He would rather chat with some bicyclist, apparently to get directions, even though I’m sure the nearby Wawa station had plenty of maps.

If that was all to the story, I wouldn’t have mentioned this. Then, this fruit-looped dingus is making a left turn into the nearby condo complex. He uses the proper lane…and he also uses the one I’m trying to use to evade him and his dangerous driving, so I guess all the lame brains come out during rush hour which helps tie up a clogged portion of St. Pete (they’re currently turning Gandy into a mini-highway from Grand Avenue to the Gandy Bridge) even more.

I try and be a nice guy, but if you’re lost, get a GPS or a road map. If you can’t drive, find a nice police officer somewhere and surrender your license. The rest of us would like to make it to and fro when traveling in one piece.

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