Facebook Is The Devil?

My computer desk, sometime in the fall of 2008...such as it was.

My computer desk, sometime in the fall of 2008…such as it was.

Now don’t take my title all too seriously, people. I’m just suggesting that Facebook isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be.

Last Sunday when the Emmys were taking place on FOX, Facebook seemed to encourage us to talk about this award show that honors the best shows, actors, and actresses on television, which now a days extends to Internet TV networks such as Netflix and Amazon’s service.

Another newsworthy event is taking place here today which is getting little or no attention on Facebook: the arrival of Pope Francis and his first visit to the United States as the new pontiff. This doesn’t sit well with me personally because for better or for worse, I am a Catholic, and I find it weird that the online gathering place would be more interested in a second-rate awards show than something that still has some relevance in today’s world to those of us of that faith.

There’s a dark side to Facebook that makes it almost an addiction to some. I don’t consider myself such an addict, but I use FB every day, so maybe I am in denial in some way. But if you’re not on Facebook, it’s like you’re not keeping up with the online Joneses, and perhaps THAT is where the problem lies.

Honestly, if Facebook went up in a puff of smoke tomorrow, I don’t really think I’d miss it, as it’d be one less thing out there to do. I’d concentrate on my blogs and my Twitter accounts all the more, plus something else would come along that would probably be more interesting.



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