Prince Harry Goes To Petco

Harry poses for me on August 2, 2015.

Harry poses for me on August 2, 2015.

It was time once again to take “the Prince” Harry over to Petco for his quarterly nail clipping. This time I was running solo with him, so he got a ride in the front seat!

Harry, not knowing where he’s going, was doing his usual meowing on the way up. He doesn’t travel or like being kenneled all that well, mainly because I don’t ask much of it from him. We get to Petco at 9:53 and park in the front of the lot. It’s a few minutes before the store opens at 10:00, so I play some music to calm him down.

“Take Me Home” by Phil Collins is the first tune to pop on.  An omen?

A few moments later, this BIG van decides to occupy the parking space next to me. With plenty of spots open, I don’t know why exactly they need to choose the spot next to me so that I can’t fully open the doors of the car, but I guess that’s just a random short straw I drew from life yesterday.

There’s a brief line that forms once the store opens, so I place Harry down as we awaited our turn. There was a big ol’ Doberman in front of us waiting to be pampered on (who seemed very friendly, by the way), which leads to more meowing from Harry, so I calm him down by talking to him.

He gets his nails cut, I get some Temptations treats and Fancy Feast cat food for him while I wait, and after that it was time to go home.

As I’m loading Harry back into the car, the folks in the van now want to get back in their van as I’m meticulously loading my feline back in, and one guy in particular is giving me dirty looks. Just to make sure they don’t pull any kind of payback, I wait for them to pull out first and disperse before I do likewise.

We get home, and we’re both happy campers. I make sure to give the little fella some treats to thank him for his trouble.


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