The Donald Invades My Dreams


Did you ever have a dream during the night (or other time you sleep) that had you waking up laughing?

I had such a dream a few nights back.

In my dream, it was early 2016, and things started getting a little testy in terms of Donald Trump’s bid to the the next President of the United States in the fall. The Fox News Channel holds a Presidential debate and tries to ignore Mr. Trump as they did Ron Paul in the previous election, except it backfires badly. Campaigns are launched by Republican voters for Trump AGAINST the Fox News Channel, and they soon find out it’s not wise to piss off middle-class Republicans.

Covering other stories of the day, FNC’s broadcast remotes to various parts of the country get interrupted by bystanders who get on camera, yelling “Trump! Trump!” kind of like the old Hulk Hogan cartoon theme, or like people yell “Baba Booey” at reporters every now and then. Other bystanders to FNC remotes simply hold up Trump’s photo in a less noisy but equally poignant protest.

The protests spread to the other news outlets, flustering news anchors everywhere nationally and locally, causing one anchor to famously start mock chugging a big bottle of Vodka on the air. But since they produce a spike in ratings, no actions are taken to quell the “Trump!” outbursts. When they fail to act, the FCC announces they will look into the matter to see if any violation of election laws have taken place, which is where I left the dream, giggling like crazy as I woke up to go to the bathroom.

Gee, I wonder if it will happen.



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