Flashback: “Wand’rin Star” by Lee Marvin

Welcome to my new favorite song.

I discovered it last week looking at #1 hits in the British charts in the decade of the 1970’s. Right there off the top was this Lee Marvin song from the western musical Paint Your Wagon.

Wait a minute. A western musical?!? There was such a thing?

Lee Marvin singing?!? That happened?

Lee Marvin sang a song, and it topped the charts in the UK?!? And it kept the Beatles from topping the charts with “Let It Be?” How did THAT happen? Must have been a unique planetary alignment going on over there in early 1970.

Don’t even get me started on Clint Eastwood singing on the B-side of the 45.

After hearing the song last week, I’m watching the Yankees-Astros AL wild card game…and there it is again in an Amazon Prime ad about a dog with a broken leg and an owner who goes online to get the dog a harness so he can carry the dog, thus the dog doesn’t feel left out.

It’s actually a pretty neat song, with Marvin’s unique vocal track fitting it perfectly.


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