Harry On The Warpath

As the guy said in Casino...look at what they did to my hand, man!

As Joe La Due (the guy who gets the hammer) said in Casino…look what they did to my hand, man!  Photo taken on October 7, 2015.

I’m having a problem with the cat. He’s getting visits from some of a neighboring stray, and the stray and Harry are not getting along.

It all began about 8:30pm Tuesday, with “The Prince” making noises that I thought were sound effects from a TV show at first. You know that “RRR-EEE-AHH” noise a cat makes when it screams? Harry can make that noise perfectly, I have now learned.

Naturally, I go out there and try and keep order. I try and grab Harry to calm him down, as I’ve only seen him act that way one time in the five years I’ve cat-sitted for him, and taken care of him full-time since January of this year.

Attempting to touch Harry was a BIG mistake, as he goes all Tasmanian Devil on my left hand in his blind rage. He’s biting me so quickly and strongly that I don’t even feel pain until a few seconds after his attack. I quickly dab the wound with Neosporin, then go out to chase the stray away from the house. (It has since healed quite nicely, the photo you see was taken a good 24 hours after the attack.) After that, I shoo the stray away from the house to bother Harry no more.

Tonight, it happens again twice, but it proves anticlimatic. I again chase the stray cat away from the house, but this time he or she returns to taunt Harry some more. I have some Keep Off repellent in the house, so I liberally spray that outside to keep the stray away, and a little in the house to try and calm Harry down.

But Harry’s outburst has me worried about his future. Stray or no stray, I can’t have the cat wildly screaming every night like that, nor can he attack his master like that by attacking me.

To be continued at some point in the future…


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