The World Serious


All right, a quick show of hands here. How many of you had Kansas City and the New York Mets in the World Series this year at the start of the season?

Not many of you, I reckon.

When I watch sports, I always seem to enjoy the finales more when two teams are squaring off that haven’t won a championship in a while as opposed to teams that are in the hunt every year. The exception to that rule for me is the Super Bowl, because that’s not a best four out of seven series, it’s one game for a championship.

I think it will be a very good series, even if it stretches into November, which it will likely do. The Mets have great pitching and a hitter named Daniel Murphy who’s hitting everything out of sight. If he can stay hot as he did in the NLCS against the Chicago Cubs, the team from the NYC should have an easy time of it.

The Royals were a base hit away from sending the seventh game of last year’s Series to extra innings, or a home run away from winning it. I have great respect for the Royals, with ex-Ray Ben Zorbist on the team after being acquired from Oakland in a trade.

My pick, just for entertainment purposes: the Mets in five games. Thinking the Royals will win tonight, then the Mets will win four in a row, just like the 1969 World Series went against Baltimore.


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