Back On The Force

Good fortune has come my way today in the form of a job that actually allows me to venture out of the house.

Today I went up US 19 in Clearwater (around where the old Tri-City Plaza is, part of which is getting torn down and rebuilt) and visited 24-7 InTouch, a company that handles customer service queries for various American businesses, including some big names. Let’s just say it’s full-time work, and enough to keep me busy thru the upcoming holidays which are fast approaching.

It’s nice to see companies hiring around here for something other than the high-pressure rat race that is telemarketing, something I’ve had some bad experiences with over time. I’d rather make a few honest bucks as opposed to dishonest ones.

Another ongoing theme to be discussed in the time ahead on this blog, though I may have to pull my punches a bit on this matter. Hope you all will understand. if you’re curious about it, it should be linked on the left side of this page.


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