Orientation And Inspiration


Yesterday was Orientation Day at my new job.

It is so refreshing to see smiling faces among my soon to be co-workers as I sat out in this main hallway waiting for the orientation to begin. A lot of my recent jobs reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Glengarry Glen Ross, where optimism had its moments, but gloom was everywhere. Not so here at this location.

So far, this job reminds me of when I worked for a few months back at Home Shopping Network in the late 90’s, back when their call center was in St. Petersburg and not scattered across the country as they now do it. I’m also happy it’s not a telemarketing job as I mentioned recently, but a customer service job.

A lot of the boiler rooms in the Tampa Bay put up so many barriers and deceive their employees so often, one wonders if THEY are the prey of the owners, and not the people they’re attempting to fleece. If you can do the job, they may or may not have a dress code, which for strictly a phone job I often found ridiculous. One company I attempted to work for three years ago found a new way to screw employees by fining them for a variety of misdeeds.

Anyway, I shouldn’t beat a dead horse. It doesn’t look like I’m going to have any of those kind of problems at this new place.


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