The Real First Day

The morning of Day 1...

The morning of Day 1…

(Disclaimer: Any blog entries made about my work are my own opinions, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of my employers. Under no circumstances will I be revealing the client whom I work for through my employers as long as I work for them.)

In a few hours, I start my first full day at work.

Usually, I’m feeling nervous right about now, because usually it’s a telemarketing job I’m on and a lot of these companies around here throw you to the wolves right away. Their thinking is right of the bat that you’re an expendable entity, or so it seems.

It just doesn’t build confidence in one’s self when you know there are wolves nearby, and they can smell your fear. Of course, the way they see it (and rightly so), you are the wolf.

This morning I’m feeling good, mainly because this is a customer service job, where people are calling up who actually want to talk to you, hoping you can solve their problems. It’s a totally different set of skills being employed here. (Get it?)

The biggest task will be staying awake, as I haven’t had an afternoon-to-evening job since 2007, before I turned 36, with that being a part-time gig. I’m 44 now, and my body gets a bit more tired a bit more easily. Hopefully, they have coffee available, as I don’t want to drink soda due to the “crash” my body goes through once the effects of the soda wears off.

Well, it’ll be an interesting night at least. Lots to learn, lots to do. Don’t worry, this blog won’t be a daily work diary, but this is a major change for yours truly. At least I don’t feel like I’m a lamb being led to a slaughter this time.


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