Man Of Mystery

Before work yesterday, I was reading this article on Radar Online that an world famous (or “A-List”) actor choosing to stay anonymous for now is now HIV positive.

My conclusion reading the article is that the actor is likely Charlie Sheen, as Martin’s son has a long history of drug taking and porn star dating.

Could it be others? Absolutely, it can. I’d be shocked if it were someone else, though. Probably as shocked as when Magic Johnson came out HIV positive way back in 1991. Nearly a quarter of a century later, Magic is not only surviving, but most definitely thriving.

Most of us thought Magic wasn’t go to be with us much longer when he made his announcement, because a lot of us back then (myself included) were ignorant about the disease. Some thought that if you had HIV, you were gay, which was very possible, but not the only way the disease could be transmitted. In the early 1990’s, though I didn’t find out for a decade and a half later, one of my uncles passed away from AIDS in San Francisco.

For example: Ryan White, who died at 18 in 1990, was contaminated with HIV through a blood treatment. It didn’t stop a whole bunch of his school mates and parents from using homosexual slurs at him, calling him that word the Brits use for a cigarette which I’m not going to repeat.

Again, a lot of people who thought they knew, but wound up NOT knowing. Perhaps history repeats itself here.


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