When You Need Sleep The Most, Someone Will Steal It


I know you all didn’t come to my blog to hear me gripe (or maybe you did), but can you lend me a sympathetic ear for just a moment?

As I’ve talked about a lot this past week, I’ve started a new job that goes from late afternoon to midnight. Getting the proper amount of sleep is becoming a total bitch to attain, because the randomness of what goes on in my neighborhood really works against me sometimes.

No one told me this week that house across from me would be doing some sort of plumbing restructuring, for one. That would have been nice to have known.

I blame myself. I should have got a morning to afternoon gig. I could have gotten it, but I made a split-second decision not to.

Those are the laws of unintended consequences for you. No matter how much you want it or don’t want it to happen, it will.

As for me, I’m off to get a little more rest.

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