Merging, Turning, And Keeping It Simple

Looking west at the sun setting from just outside my work in Clearwater, FL, November 3, 2015.

Looking west at the sun setting from just outside my work in Clearwater, FL, November 3, 2015.

A few tales from work that have nothing to do with my work, but getting back and forth.

Two rules I try to employ when I’m behind the wheel: First, when it doubt, let people in who are trying to merge. Second, if you’re tailgating me, you may encourage me to go a little slower. If it’s at night, and I can’t see the front lights of your car behind me, I will definitely go slower.

If you have to rush me, you’re probably not in a hurry to get somewhere. You’re just acting like you are.

Going back to the first part for a moment, there are some people out there who when I attempt to be generous, they don’t get it. Yesterday, I’m making the left turn off of the northbound US 19 Frontage Road onto East Bay Drive heading west. I need the right-most lane because I have a turn coming up shortly, but the people who are going southbound onto East Bay have a very tight merging area.

I’m attempting to let this minivan in by going slow, thinking the driver would appreciate it. But he or she is just sitting there, moving up at a snail’s pace. I give the driver a honk, saying to myself, “I’m holding up this road for you. MOVE IT!!!”

The driver eventually gets it.

Another problem I’m having is that I have a left turn onto a traffic light that I make off of US 19 in Pinellas Park at night. If I make the left too early, I get stuck having to make a U-turn and getting off at a nearby exit. Three out of the four times I’ve made that route at night, I’ve gotten stuck on the U-turn and have had to take another path home on the fly.

I even went to Google Maps and tried to find markers and points of reference on the road. Problem is, that part of highway is not well lit when I come home, so those markers are as useless as nipples on the male gender.

Today, I’m taking another path to work, and another path home. I’d be a lot less aggravated if I just kept things simple for myself.

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