Flashback: “A Place In The Sun” by Stevie Wonder

The beautiful part of these “Flashback” blog entries I do is I stumble upon songs I’ve never heard before, and this week’s selection is one of those songs that is just that: a song prior to this week I’d never heard.

This week, I had stumbled upon the 1997 St. Clair Classic PBA bowling tournament, which was the last time ABC had aired the Pro Bowlers Tour that June 21st. This show was a Saturday afternoon staple in my household growing up, and my Dad would always watch it if at home. I think he enjoyed the blue-collar nature of the sport, with the late Chris Schenkel provided the commentary most of the time along with Nelson Burton, Jr. analyzing away.

This week, I’m listening to the song, and I’m thinking, “Oh my God, that song is beautiful. Got to get this posted as a Flashback this week.” So here I am.

The show had been on for decades, but only had a few moments on the last show to wrap up such a long run, so the producers chose Stevie Wonder’s version of “A Place In The Sun” for the tearful closing montage.

It went to #9 on the Billboard charts in 1966. Surprised it didn’t go higher.

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