This is the point where I try and say something profound about a current event, but this morning I’m struggling to put together the words.

Last night, another series of terrorist attacks took place in Paris, some ten months removed from the Charlie Hebdo attack there. This time, among the targets was a concert hall and their biggest soccer stadium where a France-Germany “friendly” (exhibition) match was being held, and the death toll is said to be well over 100 people.

Pope Francis this morning called terrorism the third World War. I can’t say I disagree. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, so the various nations concerned about their growing presence know whom to attack.

I am concerned (although I don’t know how you can continue on like nothing happened) is that the freedoms citizens have in these countries are being shredded away. Terrorism has this unique way of having governments look at ALL of us like we all did something wrong, when in fact these cowardly acts are usually done by a handful of people.

Like I said, I don’t know how to fix that problem, but I feel someone should point out it’s existence.

God bless the people of Paris during this time.


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