A Serendipitous Day

Up until the cowardly terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, I was having a pretty unique day.

Sadly, the job I had at 24-7 InTouch didn’t last, by my own choosing. The people were great, but the hours I chose for the job were incorrect. I should have chosen days instead of the 2nd shift that I did choose. That’s my fault totally. I couldn’t stop yawning in the training class, and it also effected my retention on the information given to us.

The other factor was that I would only be making $10/hour (and that was after 90 days, I started at $8/hour) for this customer service job that was, in my opinion, worth at least $12/hour. This company was hiring people by the bushel, and in my work travels, a company that constantly hires is a company that constantly fires. It just seemed to me that something was missing out of the equation, and my guess was the job that I had with them might not be there after 2016 began. It looked like a pig in a poke to me, so I got out.

Fast forward to this Friday past. I share wheels with a family member, so on this day, I had to get up to work and back on public transit to pick up my first and only check thanks to the ever-growing PSTA.

I catch the first bus, check their app to see where the next one I needed is, and according to the app, the bus is very close by. The moment I put my phone back in my pocket, the bus is within my sight.

Walking the brief distance to my now former employers, I waited in a room to get my check. Had I stayed, the subsequent checks I would have received via direct deposit, which made what happened even more unique. There was a woman also waiting for her check at the same time, and she’s looking very closely at me. After doing so, she tells me that she and I went to elementary school together. My mind is blown. What were the odds that two people in the same grade in the same school went to the same job at the same time, leaving the job at roughly the same time to pick up their last checks?

I walk the brief distance to pick up the PSTA bus to go home, and just as I get there, the bus gets there. From there I have to walk a bit of a distance to my house, but a neighbor spots me and offers me a lift.

It was just one of those days where everything was going right. Perhaps it’s a message from the “powers that be” that I wasn’t meant to be there. As for future employment plans, I do have something big planned, but it might take a little time to get going. I do have the finances to bide my time over the holidays, but I’m not waiting forever on this. More soon.



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