DraftKings And Dead Money


My Draftkings picks that didn’t go so well this week…

I figured it was time to give DraftKings a try over the weekend, so I threw down a little coin of the realm and took my shot at big bucks, preferring to avoid any unseen whammies.

For those of you viewing this outside the United States, daily fantasy sports is the movement of the moment. Sites like FanDuel and DraftKings seem to take up a lot of commercial space during the various sporting events seen on TV, be it on the networks or on cable. They tell you the story, much like poker, that with a bit of luck, you can turn a small bit of change into a fortune. It’s basically playing poker with fantasy sports, as the formats are pretty much the same.

This weekend, I picked out a lineup and gave it a try. Granted, it was my first effort, but it will likely be my last such effort. My biggest mistake seemed to be putting three eggs in the Green Bay Packers basket (picking their defense and special teams and two of their receivers), as they struggled against the statistically inferior (coming into the game) Detroit Lions, losing 18-16 on a last-second field goal that would have given them victory.

Going into Monday night, I needed tight end Tyler Eifert to have a huge game for me to have any chance to the tune of something like 10 catches, 100+ yards, and 3 or 4 TD’s. As fate would have it, J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans were more than equal to the task, handing Cincinnati their first loss of the regular season, 10-6.

A buddy I’ve known since elementary school showed me the John Oliver piece on daily fantasy sports that I linked to in the upper part of this blog entry. One whopping tidbit is that so few players in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) are the bulk of those who win consistently, using spreadsheets and algorithms so complex that they take weather into account.

I was “dead money” right from the get go. My investment had little chance of getting a return.

My advice? Stay away from these sites. Various states are shutting down their citizens from participating in these sites, and I’m sure there will be a day like when online poker was shut down back in 2011 when any chance of getting your money back will disappear.

I’m getting out while I still can.


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