Diesel, The Hero


Diesel was the dog killed when a female suicide bomber killed herself in the raid in Paris yesterday. He deserves to be honored.

One of the things that has changed the most in my life, especially becoming a pet owner this year, is that stories about animals and their plight really put me in a somber frame of mind. Stories about animal abuse really tick me off now a days. If you don’t want a pet in your life, find him or her a new home. Animals need our love and guidance even when they do things wrong, like the cat that vomits all over your favorite shirt.

Take Diesel, the heroic K-9 in Paris who aided in the raid of the apartment complex in Paris yesterday. These dogs are trained in how to sniff for explosives, so their work when dealing with suicide bombers and their treacherous lot is valuable.

I guess these terrorists that have no regard for human life also have no regard for animal life, which is sadly logical.

Thank you for your service, Diesel. This blog salutes you, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in that sentiment.


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