Cheap Sunglasses


Trying not to go Hollywood, November 20, 2015.

I bought some sunglasses on Amazon last Sunday night. No, I didn’t have an attack of vanity or anything like that. I had problems seeing while driving a few days prior to buying the shades.

Weekly, I go to the local Walmart during the week to get groceries. When I went on November 12th at around 5pm, I had trouble on one stretch of the road seeing it due to some extreme sun glare.  Had to go at a reduced speed and tilt my head down just to see the road.

Yesterday, I went to Walmart yet again, although it was cloudy all day and on the verge of raining at times.  The sun came out for a bit as I went, and I’m happy to report that I had no problems going to and getting from the Supercenter as I did the previous week.

I’m also glad my eyesight, though dimmed a bit with age, hadn’t decayed as much as I thought it had.


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