Finally, Autumn


I was mentioning a couple of weeks ago that there were signs that the very long summer of 2015 around these parts were about to come to an end.

This morning, it finally did. It’s 49 degrees at Tampa International Airport at just past 8am as I type this. With a humidity rate of 69%, you can really feel a chill in the air.

Knowing the cooler weather was coming, I shut down the air conditioning unit once the cold front passed in the afternoon. After watching the Bengals-Cardinals game last night, I wanted to bed and began sweating. The house hadn’t cooled down yet.

I put some headphones on to listen to some YouTube sleeping videos. I feel naked without a fan of some kind to lull me to sleep and keep the everyday (or night) racket stifled. I opened a few windows just a bit.

During the night, I felt the chill of the cooler weather, and quickly grabbed a nearby blanket.

I couldn’t help but smile. In the wee hours of November 23rd, summer had unofficially ended.


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