Fanaticism In The Homeland

I happened to be nearby a TV most of the afternoon on Black Friday, hoping to watch some collegiate football.

Then I saw on my IPhone about some sort of incident in Colorado Springs, Colorado at a Planned Parenthood building.

The cable news outlets ran with the story for hours, but because the sniper (whose name I will not mention here, as he did nothing good to deserve being mentioned) wouldn’t stop shooting. When he surrendered a little past 7pm ET, three people had been killed, including a police officer. Nine others had been taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds, but did not have life threatening injuries.

They don’t know a lot about the shooter yet, but Planned Parenthood has been a target in recent years of people who I would call domestic religious fanatics. All because this organization teaches contraception and family planning? Regardless of how you feel about abortions (I’m pro-choice, by the way), we live in a free society. If you object for what another side stands for, you use you words. Not your guns.

That also doesn’t mean we should take firearms away from everybody because a few people (as compared to the 300,000,000 or so of the rest of us) go crazy with their weapons. I choose not to own a gun, but like the abortion issue, I believe that society should make their own choices as a whole.

Live as you wish, but do so responsibly. That’s the way I’d do it.


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