Assured Stalemate

I listened and watched President Obama’s speech with an open mind at 8pm last night. As he spoke, I noticed something a bit odd about his appearance…

…nor was I the only person noticing it.

It was rather bizarre, really. Don’t get me wrong, though. If the President and/or his supporters felt that giving the speech in front of a green screen and transposing that in front of the Oval Office give the White House peace of mind, so be it. No problem with that here.

His speech seemed typical, though, of preserving the status quo, of a President boxed in to what he had to say due to circumstance. His main themes were not to be afraid of terrorism (which I agree with), and that Congress needs to pass both immigration and gun reforms.

As things stand now, immigration and gun reform are the last likely things we will ever see Congress come to agreement about without a catalyst of another attack much darker then we’ve seen since 9/11. Things don’t move in DC unless fires are lit near the rumps of the politicians, sad to say.

The New York Times put an editorial about gun control on their front page Saturday, marking the first time such a piece has gotten page one since 1920. I found the timing of it weird, as the attack in San Bernardino was not the work of a random American going off half-cocked, killing random fellow Americans. This was the work of terrorists, or terrorist wannabes, pledging allegiance to ISIS/ISIL.

I tend to be liberal on social issues, but to ask for gun restrictions now with these thugs on our doorstep is not good timing, nor is it practical. People of all religions should be allowed to live in peace, not to suffer at the hands of a bastardized sect who wants bloodshed and will sacrifice its own blood for its blood-lust.

The perfect storm is brewing for a Donald Trump presidency, whether we want it or not. Mark my words.


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