Trump Trumps Himself


I really wanted to talk about something else today, but keeping an eye on CNN yesterday, I saw one of the more incredible things I’ve ever seen someone running for a major office ever say. And yes, it involved the outspoken one, Donald Trump.

Yesterday, he said that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States.

I turn on CNN this morning, and the Republican presidential candidate is doubling down on what he said. In other words, not apologizing for it. Everyone is slamming him today, including fellow GOP candidate Lindsey Graham, who this morning told Trump through the media to “go to Hell” for his remarks.

Before what he said yesterday, I thought that the current environment of ISIL/ISIS’s rise in America was a perfect storm for a Donald Trump presidency. Now, that has totally changed. He has trumped (pun intended) his own significance, such as it was.

I don’t want to live in his America. He is a divider, not someone who can bring the country together.


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