Heartbreak Cartridge

Had to replace a printing cartridge this morning, as I ran out of black ink. Seeing this coming a couple of months ago, I bought a color and a black HP-61 set of cartridges over at Amazon.

I put the black cartridge in, and decided what the heck, the color ink level was low…might as well do that one, too. The printer gives me a message that the black ink cartridge will need replacing.

What the…how could that be?!? I just put the damn thing in!  What gives?

Taking it out, it dawns on me what the problem is: the black cartridge was not an HP-61, but a HP-61XL. Looking up the problem on Google (and Google is a good “friend” to have on days like this), it turns out that my printer does not accept suffixed cartridge.

I should have made sure to get the HP-61 black cartridge, and not its bastard offshoots. My mistake.


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