Be Careful What You Wish For


Back on November 1st, I said this on Twitter:

Well, I must not have been alone feeling that way, because now a Florida legislator wants to make Daylight Savings Time a year long thing, kind of the opposite of how most of Arizona does not have DST year around.

That’s not the way I envisioned DST becoming the thing of the past, because I wanted it done on a national level. Otherwise, Daylight Savings Time becomes to the calendar what the designated hitter has been to baseball: an excuse to foul things up beyond recognition.

If Florida has Daylight Savings Time all year long, then you have a certain part of the year when Florida is one hour ahead of the rest of the Eastern Time zone. Even if you traveled on I-10 from Florida westward to Alabama, you’d have to fiddle with time because the part of Florida in the Central Time Zone would be an hour ahead of Alabama’s non-DST clock if this ever came to pass.

Yet again, a politican takes a good idea and ruins it by co-opting into public opinion. I guess that’s what they are there for, right?


Author: tbpauly

Former radio professional (1989-1996), currently residing in Pinellas Park, FL. Blogging since 2004, at least.

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