Two Dollar Doo-Dads

I went to my local Walmart Supercenter very early this morning, was there around 7:45 or so. I totally recommend this if you live close to a 24-hour store (not necessarily just Walmart), especially early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Even at the nearing Christmastime, there were a few brave souls there, but not many.

After getting dry cat food, cat treats, a printing cartridge (to solve a debacle I mentioned a few days back), and assorted other groceries, I bellied up to the check-out counter.

A lot of people want to find that open checkout lane. Although I find this desirable, if there’s one person ahead of me just beginning to load stuff on the checkout counter, this is where I’ll go. Gives me time to take a rest, and catch my breath and bearings before putting items on the moving counter. So in a way, I find one is better than none.

Of course, every store you go to has a whole bunch of snacks, cadies, and assorted other doo-dads you can pick up. I always pick up a couple, even though I’m probably better off not doing so.

I just think it’s good karma. If you get a few of these two-dollarish doo-dads, I find the time passes waiting in line passes a little quicker, plus it probably has some “intended consequences” that I don’t know about that keeps things moving.

I didn’t invent the laws of the universe, I just apply them the best that I can. Everyone’s got to find their own path and what works for them, so if you try my methods, your mileage may vary.


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