Grid Musings


A lot of football on my mind today…

The Bucs were beaten by New Orleans yesterday, 24-17. While the Tampa Bay franchise has rebounded nicely, winning more this season then they did in 2013 and 2014 combined, they are not a playoff team yet. While they still have a mathematical chance, I think the fans who got all excited that they’ve improved so rapidly need perspective. I have no doubt they will get there now, they just need a skill player or two to complement Jameis Winston.

Leonard Johnson, the ex-Buc from my alma mater of Largo High School, fared well in his New England Patriot debut as they bested Houston’s Texans 27-6. Johnson could be a part of NFL history if the Patriots win it all this year, as no coach or quarterback has ever won five Super Bowls. That’s something Bill Belichick and Tom Brady might be able to pull off come playoff time. If they beat a undefeated Carolina team to do it, that would make the feat that much more impressive, cheating allegations be damned.

Glad to see Derrick Henry of the University of Alabama take the Heisman Trophy this season with great games to cap the season against Auburn and Florida. (No, I didn’t watch the ESPN show. A waste of time to watch a 90 minute show for a 10 second announcement.)

It’s not uncommon to see Henry carry the ball 40 times in a single game, something rare in this day and age where coaches try to get the ball to as many as possible. Like the great running backs at the pro and college levels, the more you give Derrick the ball, the more likely he’ll bust that big play for the Crimson Tide.

This reminds me of sportswriters who frequently asked USC and later Bucs coach John McKay about why he gave the ball to his great halfbacks so often. McKay quipped back that the ball wasn’t very heavy, and the running backs (at least back then anyway) didn’t belong to a union. Hah!


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