Star Wars Family Values


Confession: I used to watch a lot of MSNBC when it first got started in the late 1990’s.

Another Confession: I have seen all six (up to this date) Star Wars movies. I won’t be in line to watch the newest movie on Friday, but I might catch it somewhere down the line.

An anchor named Melissa Harris Perry called the Star Wars movie series racist recently. Did she know something I didn’t? Is George Lucas hiding some white KKK robes somewhere that I didn’t know about?

Her main line of reasoning is that Darth Vader is a dark-robed and dark-helmeted villain, which she threw in with some otherwise salient points.

My point: it’s entertainment and it’s fiction. Even if the MSNBC anchor is correct in her assumptions, not everyone in the non-reality realm of fiction has to be perfect. Much like Star Trek, Star Wars doesn’t point to people of color (such as the character played by Billy Dee Williams) and points out that they have dark pigmentation, or hurl racial slurs at them.

What’s next, politically correct Nazis in a film about World War II, who say nice things about all of the races that are inferior to the “master race” of Germans?

Let’s leave racial strife where it belongs: in the past. Making ridiculous statements like this does no good.


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