A Crutch Phrase

Yesterday, there was another terrorist scare, as a bomb threat was enough to shut down the entire Los Angeles school district for the day. The “LAUSD” is no small outfit: it is the second largest school district in the United States with over 900 schools and 650,000 students.

What I’m about to say should NOT be considered any type of slam against the men and women who protect the interests of our country from those in the Beltway down to the people making decisions on the neighborhood level.

Let me introduce the topic by using a Tweet I had yesterday:

I think the phrase “abundance of caution” is way overused in our society. When I think of the phrase, I think of 9/11 and the fear shortly thereafter. I totally get and understand how 9/11 has changed this country over the past 14 years, and those lost in the attacks should always be remembered.

If we are ever going to win the so-called “war on terror,” the first step is to stop using superfluous defeatist phrases. Of course officials on any level in the post-9/11, post-Paris, post-San Bernardino, post-(wherever the next attack takes place) world is going to use great care in his or her decision making. It should go without saying, so why say it?

Changing the phraseology might be the first step in changing attitudes, or so I think.

We have to stop being afraid of these terrorist thugs. What laws should or should not be changed to deal with them is something that won’t happen overnight due to the bureaucratic process the Beltway has. Not being afraid is something all of us can do right now.

If I go to my local Walmart Supercenter one day and walk right in the middle of the next terrorist catastrophe while I am there, then that’s something I can’t control. That’s my fate, and that’s my time to leave this world if I’m killed in such an event.

A country of 300,000,000 people or so can’t live in fear of a bunch of people who kill to appease the believers of their religion. There are more of us then there are of them. Whoever survives will have business to take care of, and will be highly motivated to do so.

Let’s change the catch words and catch phrases. Perhaps we can change the mentality we seem to be stuck in.


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