I put this in the category of never being old enough to learn something new.

A couple of weeks ago on Facebook, the topic of grudges came up on a friend’s page, and I had mentioned that my philosophy of grudges is that I don’t believe in them, but if anyone does anything to me I just excommunicate them from my life to firewall them off from me. I always thought it was the smartest thing to do, really. If they apologized, I would think about it, most of the time I’d forgive, a few times I wouldn’t forget.

Unexpectedly for me, my feelings on the matter got responses, that by holding grudges I was only hurting myself. Honestly, I had never thought about that in that way before, and it was an eye-opener for me.

It does make sense, though. If someone does something to you, obviously they are not going to care whether or not you hold a grudge against them. Plus, some grudges can’t be fixed because the damage is beyond repair, either by you, the other party, or both.

Learn to let go if at all possible. You’ll feel better about it soon, whatever the “it” is.


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