Not Exactly Bowled Over

I’m probably not the first person to ever think this, but there are WAY too many bowl games on the tube over the holidays.

Fifty years ago, there were 120 teams in major collegiate football (the 1-A/FBS level), and 9 bowl games for 18 of those 120 teams.

Twenty-five years ago, you had 107 teams and 18 bowl games for 36 teams. Still a reasonable percentage.

This year, you have 128 teams and 41 bowl games. But, because the 41st and final “bowl game” pits two playoff bowl winners against each other, 80 of the 128 teams (due to teams padding their records early in the season by playing teams at lower tiers, such as the FCS) make it to a bowl game.

It’s gotten so out of hand that three 5-7 teams were chosen for bowl games, but only based on the academic records of schools with such a record. Tune in and watch to see if SuchAndSuchAU can fight on in their quest to go 5-8 in the Whatchamacallit Bowl!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my football, but with the concussion issues and now losing teams in bowl games, the leadership in the NCAA and the NFL are driving this sport into the ground. What messages are we sending to football fans in future generations?

That players are pieces of meat for our entertainment?

That losing gets you a vacation?

Come on, man!


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