Is There Hell?


As much as I try to be a political atheist, it might surprise you that I am not much so when it comes to religion. I believe there is a God, that the species I am apart of had to have been created at some point somewhere, and that we as a being were put where we are for a reason. After that, it gets a little hazy, and it’s hard to tell who’s right about what when it gets down to some specific generalities.

My Facebook buddy Dave posted something on Facebook yesterday that I’ve always been curious about in my thoughts: the existence of Hell. The story he linked to was from the UK website Church And State, which has an interview with Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong stating that the concept of hell was an invention of the church to control them by placing an element of fear into their beings.

See, I’ve always wondered about that. If we all have the capability of being good, and if God loves all of his creations, why don’t we all go to Heaven, and why does Hell exist? Yes, I admit that there are some really bad people through the annals of history whose names I won’t repeat here, as I’m sure the names of those figures will instantly pop into your heads.

Or, as Johnny Cash famously sung in The Highwayman, maybe we just all turn into a single drop of rain. Then again, I always seem to wax philosophical during the holidays.


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