A First For Everything

My Snapshot_2

Peeking over my Christmas gift, December 27th, 2015.

As I mentioned yesterday, sure enough, a mail truck came up to the door at 9am this morning. A Sunday morning. My gift of a 4TB external hard drive had arrived, replacing the one I had used for six years. Oddly enough, that was also a post-Christmas gift as well, getting that at the local Walmart in 2009.

The old hard drive will be saved and used as a emergency backup should anything go wrong with the new one. It had served me well over the years, but hard drives aren’t pieces of equipment you wait around to break before you replace them.

I told the mailman after thanking him, “This is the first time I’ve gotten mail on a Sunday.”

The mailman responded, “There’s a first time for everything.”

Right now, I’m taking the 400GB or so that I’d stored off of the hard drive of old, copying it onto the new hard drive. That’ll take a few hours. Then, I’m going to reassign it the letter “G” that I’d been using for the old drive, hoping to avoid having to re-load everything into ITunes.

Sunday is a good day for projects, and what better day to make a change than the last Sunday of the year?



  1. Merry Christmas Pauly! Still remember you announcing Packer basketball games while I ran the scoreboard.


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