DVD-ROM Roulette

My Snapshot_3

Yep, got a haircut.  December 28, 2015.

Yesterday, it was off to Walmart for the quarterly haircut, or as I call it, borrowing a term from The Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell.

Afterward, I went over to the software section of this massive Walmart complex, and picked out some software. Namely, Sony Movie Studio 13. I’ve used an earlier version of it before on a trial basis a few years back, and thought it was good software, so I picked it up seeing it in the store.

When I got home and loaded up the software, and entered my code to the activate it, the oddest thing happened. It said my key code was invalid and that it would begin with a numerical-alphabet combination I didn’t have.

Thinking about it for a bit, I contacted that software people at Sony, and it turned out that I had the right box, but not the right disc. The disc had a platinum version of Sony Move Studio that included DVD Architect, not the normal version I was supposed to have.

They directed me to download the correct software, and that got everything straightened out. The code worked, the program worked, and they will all live happily ever after, I hope.


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