The New Year And Theology

My Snapshot_4

Just checking in to see what condition my condition was in, January 1, 2016, a few minutes past midnight.

I spent the morning at Walmart on the weekly grocery haul, getting it done quick so I had plenty of time before the bowl games (including my favorite college team, Notre Dame) came on today. I made sure to thank the cashier for her work today, as it wasn’t so long ago (say 20-25 years or so) that the stores weren’t open on this holiday except maybe a few places. Those who work this day are spending this time from loved ones and family, so I thought their sacrifice, small or large, was worth mentioning and thanking them for.

On New Year’s Eve, I was debating a theological question. A bit on the silly side, but worth asking all of you, I think. Why isn’t the birth of Jesus Christ on New Year’s Day, as opposed to Christmas?

We just entered 2016, short for 2016 A.D., short for Anno Domini, Latin for the year of our Lord. The opposite of A.D. is B.C., short for Before Christ. So, if everything changed on the basis of Jesus’s birth, why was he not born on the first day of when everything started, as opposed to the week before?

Wouldn’t his birth be something like January 1st on year…zero?  Or one? 1/1/1?

I dunno. Just thought it would be fun to bring up, which I do with sincerity and not attempting any type of sacrilege.


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