I don’t think I’ve talked about this blog about the ongoing maelstrom around comedian Bill Cosby. Over the past year, scores of women have come forward claiming that he has repeatedly engaged in sexual misconduct, usually revolving around putting something in a drink to force these ladies into a state of unconsciousness.

I have a very dear friend who I’ve known since we were children, and this story has been our favorite topic recently. She can’t hide her disgust that a man that had that much “cred” could abuse all of these woman and get away with it this long. I point out that prior to 1991 and the Clarence Thomas hearings, the media really didn’t pay a heck of a lot of attention to sexual harassment issues, or so I felt, and that those hearings turned out to be a game changer.

But I often wonder what my friend wonders about. If Cosby was doing this for years (even joking about it on a long forgotten comedy album), people had to have known this was going on, and decided to either bury their heads in the sand, or be pressured on some level to keep quiet. Or, a combination of both scenarios would have had to have taken place.

At least now, Bill Cosby will have his day in court, as well as his numerous accusers. That’s the best place for the truth to be resolved, and for closure to be attained.


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